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SOA is NOT only about Legacy Integration

There is an interesting article on CIO that discuss why startups should be serious about SOA. Often the SOA principles are thought of a way to get out of EAI hell, thus solving legacy integration problems. So what about new software systems that you build in startups? Should you care SOA?

Yes you should:

As I look into the future, I see a world of more business process outsourcing, more integration with both internal and external applications, more demand for business agility, and more mergers and acquisitions. As a startup, the information systems should be built with this future state in mind.

As a startup, what are the benefits of jumping into SOA early?

One of the biggest challenges that well established companies have with SOA is shifting gears from the "way we have always done it" to service-oriented methods.

So if a startup could adopt SOA early, there will be no effort required when you become established.

As the larger corporations struggle with large scale SOA initiatives, startups can make SOA part of their IT strategy from the inception and take a "built to change" approach to software development.


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