If tomorrow is your last day, what would you do?

Let go grudges, there is no point in you suffering yourself for other’s nasty deeds. 

Forgive, punishment is for God. Or the karma will resolve it the better way. 

Pick the phone and call that friend you always wanted to, or that relative that was so close to you. 

Think of those who deserve gratitude. Call them and thank them. 

Time lest is too limited, such was time all your lifetime. Don’t waste what is left, just make good use of it all. 

You had many dreams from your childhood. They kept shifting and drifting. No matter how much was achieved, be happy and grateful of what was achieved. 

There is no time left to regret what you did not do. Enjoy the best memories of what you did the best. 

If you are sad in life, that is because you mostly lived in the past. If you are anxious, that is because you are too much worried about the future. It is time to focus on the moment. 

Believe that something good will happen to you in your afterlife. And that might actually happen. 

It is a good time to think of a gratitude journal. Just limit it to five bullet points. 

Do an act of kindness today. It fills your heart with that light feeling. It is good to pass with a happy feeling. 

Remember, many people struggle in pain on their deathbed. If you die tomorrow while being healthy today, you are lucky. 

Many people want to postpone the thought about death. But they often forget about life. 

You are a creation of nature. Give yourself back to nature with gratitude. 

Sun will keep rising and birds will keep singing even on the day after tomorrow. Never worry about how things will be after you. That is none of your business. 

Your dream relationships might have never happened. But all those relationships that you have today, they are the most valuable. 

Don’t worry about the amount of good and bad you did in your life. If you did at least one meaningful thing, what is what matters the most. 

There is no time left to worry about what others would think of you. That was the case all the time. 

Leave a happy and meaningful note to all the loved ones. Something that they would read and smile in the rest of their lives whenever they remember you. 

If you have tears in your eyes, make sure they are happy tears. Life was not meant to be sad. 

Happy, sad are passing feelings. This too will pass. The meaning, purpose and impact would live on. 

It is OK if they forget you after you. Even you are not sure if you will remember them after you pass. 

What matters the most is what we were able to do and complete. All those plans that never left the notebook has no meaning. 

Maybe you feel that you spent a little bit more time with your family and friends. You have all your life to do that. It was your choice. 

The living appreciates some of the dead. But while you were alive, you could have created and environment that everyone appreciates everyone. 

Is your last will empty? Should you even have one? Why? 

Why did I come here? That should be the first question in case you get a new life after today.